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We are an international IT company. We provide excellent Software develeopment, multimedia and network services. Our expertise goes far behond that. Contact us. Humlebæk Strandvej 96. 3050 Humlebæk. Copenhagen, Denmark.

1. Cortecks is a consortium of IT and Healthcare companies. The aim of Cortecks is to build an international IT company that stands for the best quality in Software Development. Software integration development is our main focus. That been said, we stand for nothing but the highest quality in any of our solutions at the best prices on the market. Because of its founders, Corteks has its root in Hugo, ITV Blue, the Telemedical Networks and so on.

Our partnership with Experion gives us, the finest developers on the market. Experion is ISO certified, so is our dedicated work force. 

Hugo is the world most succesful interactive TV-program, with more than 400 millions users in more than 43 countries.

We obviously have an almost unbeatable record of very high standard in IT development.

2. Cortecks has cofounders with a very impressive achievement record in IT and telemedicine .

With our own team of the best engineers to date, we can help you on any software development level.

Mobile Applications

Our partners have developed over 100 Enterprise and Consumer applications and deployed them across iTunes and Google Play among others.


On the device side, Experion has deployed software for devices spanning from smartphones, embedded devices, handheld terminals, basic/feature phones, Panel PCs, SetTop Boxes and Tablets.



We have a highly specialized and focused mobile development team with experience in multiple platforms including:iPhone/ iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Java ME, Mobile Web technologies, Cross platform technologies

3. Hugo is one of the biggest succes in IT history, represented in more than 43 countries worldwide.


Enterprise Sales & Distribution Management

FieldMax, the world best solution developped by Experion

FieldMax - Sales & Distribution is a mobile/ tablet based sales & distribution management solution for enterprise field staff. The solution consists of a mobile client for field staff to capture sales orders on-the-go and a web client for back office staff to access and process the orders in real time. FieldMax mobile client offers offline data storage and sync capabilities. The solution can also be easily integrated with enterprise applications such as ERP and accounting applications for real time, bi-directional data updates.


By enabling field personnel collect order details over the mobile phone, the FieldMax solution helps maximize field productivity. It eliminates data entry duplication and minimizes data entry errors. As the information is available in near real time, FieldMax helps enterprises streamline overall field operations. The solution also offers improved information exchange and excellent management control over field operations. As the mobile application runs on ordinary handsets as well as smart phones, there is practically no investment on hardware, the training effort is low and change management becomes easy while implementing the product. The solution is available on SaaS pricing (monthly user fee), where customers have the flexibility to use the software on a pay-as-you-go model.


The FieldMax solution caters to a wide variety of industry verticals such as retail distribution, insurance, micro finance, services, etc. The solution supports features such as field data capture, payment collection, travel/ expense tracking, competitor information tracking, etc. The web based backend provides detailed analytics to the management team on the field performance against set KPIs.



FieldMax mobile solution is available in Android and Java ME platforms, whereas the backend is completely cloud based and accessible using the web browser.

Our Services

Software Development

Software integration and advanced e-Commerce development

Software Consultancy

Software development and management

Network Services

Enterprise Hosting, IPTV, VOIP, High broadband enterprise internet


Our aim is to become the biggest player in Software Integration

Video Demo of some of Our Solutions

ITV BLUE. The future of TV interaction

Telemedical Networks

Software Integration

A professional IT company for quality software


  • Lenovo solutions.

    − Lenovo

  • Hosting services.

    − Sagitta

  • Hybrid Server. Worlds fastest server. 20 servers equals 193 IBM servers. Less power consumption, massive savings.

    − i2iassociates

  • HP solutions

    − HP

  • LIVE and VOD services in high quality

    − Onesee

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